ER Bakes – Dafina’s Strawberry Cheesecake

Hey there, good people.

I hope this post finds you healthy, optimistic and ready for some cheesecake 🙂

Out of the many things that I am capable of making, my family loves the basics.

After all of the “9 layers” this and “twice baked” that, I pull out my basic but trusty Ninja Master Prep and the crowd goes wild.

I had a 3-year stretch where I tried to make all of my favorite desserts into cheesecakes. I’ve tried Red Velvet, Pecan Pie, Sweet Potato, Pumpkin (of course), Baklava, Banana Pudding, Oreo, golden Oreo, Pumpkin Joe-Joe, Caramel, Brownie and Triple Chocolate. Then on a visit to the Cheesecake Factory for my son’s birthday, he orders – wait for it… PLAIN CHEESECAKE!

The waitress named all of the wonderful flavors to choose from. My son says “my mom can make all of those, she’s a sugar chef, but I just want plain with a few strawberries if you have some.

My son issued me a challenge and he didn’t even know it.

You see, I have a slight problem with making something plain, basic, and regular. I start out following all of the rules and then I suddenly remember that I have candied turmeric or broken pecan shortbread cookies that I can “use up”. The plain recipe goes out the window and suddenly my kitchen becomes the Chopped filming studio and the basket of secret ingredients has just been revealed.

But for the sake of my child witnessing my success outside of my comfort zone, I give you…

Regular Cheesecake with a few strawberries (because I had some)

Bake Happy,