Commercial Cookie Equipment Offerings From Erika Record

Erika Record Baking Equipment is pleased to be a leading distributor of Bakery Equipment for retail, commercial and wholesale industries. This includes retail and wholesale solutions for cookie production. Available equipment options include confectionery depositors with available rotary templates and wire cut as well as rotary cookie and forming machines with a wide variety of custom drum options and designs. Our equipment lineup has a solution for nearly every type of cookie imaginable!

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Confectionery Depositors

We Are Leading Distributors of Confectionery Depositors



MONO Epsilon

The Epsilon Tabletop Depositor is perfect for bakeries with confined spaces. Versatile and compact, this machine is suitable for a wide variety of products. Click here to learn more.


MONO Omega Series

The Omega Series of Confectionery Depositors are perfect for handling an even larger variety of products than the Epsilon. With the available Wire-Cut option on the Omega Plus model, bakers can even process traditional cookies such as chocolate chip. Click here to learn more.

Cookie Machines

We Are Leading Distributors of Cookie Machines



Formatic Cookie Machine

The Deighton Formatic Cookie Machine is perfect for producing cookies and pet treats with a variety of different shapes and particulates. This includes Chocolate Chip and Gingerbread! Click here to learn more.


Janssen K-Series Cookie Machine

The Janssen K-Series of Cookie Machines are perfect for processing short-dough type of cookies. This includes butter cookies and those with intricate designs and details.


Traymatic Cookie Machine

The Deighton Traymatic Cookie Machine includes the versatility of our traditional Formatic offering with the added ability of automatically panning your cookies. Click here to learn more.


DD 12,000 Cookie Machine

The Deighton DD 12,000 Cookie Machine is perfect for Wholesale Bakeries who seek the versatility of our Formatic offering and wish to incorporate this into a large production line. Click here to learn more.