Glazers & Sprayers

We are leading distributor of Enrobers, Glazers, and Sprayers

Enrobing, Glazing and Spraying System Offerings From Erika Record

Erika Record Baking Equipment is pleased to the official distributor of Frisch Spritzmatic, a leading manufacturer of enrobers, glazers, and sprayers. Manufactured in Germany, these machines are finely crafted and made of durable, easy to clean materials.

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Smartline Pan Greaser

Choco-Combino Glazing and Enrobing System

The Frisch Choco-Combino Glazing and Enrobing System is perfect for glazing and enrobing a variety of pastries in fat based glazes such as chocolate or ganache. Click here to learn more.

Smartline Glazing & Spraying System

The Frisch Spritzmatic Smartline Glazing & Spraying System is perfect for egg washing, glazing pastries, and spray greasing baking pans/sheets. Click here to learn more.

We Are the Leading Distributor of Enrobers, Glazers and Sprayers