Pastry Sheeters

Table top, manual and automatic reversible sheeters perfect for a wide variety of dough!

Tekno Stamap LAM Floor Model Pastry Sheeter

Tekno Stamap is a leading manufacturer of dough and pastry sheeters. The Lam line of Reversible Pastry Sheeters is perfect for bakeries and restaurants with limited space. In addition, the LAM line of pastry sheeters is easy to clean and service with completely removable dough scrapers.

When not in use both sides of the conveyor table fold up for storage. This versatile machine can also be coupled with an available cutting station model.

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Tekno Stamap Pastry Sheeter


The Tekno Stamap Table Top/Bench Pastry Sheeter includes the following standard features:



Suitable for a wide variety of doughs including: puffed, croissant, biscuit, doughnut, shortdough, Phyllo (Filo).


This machine features a space saving footprint designed to fit in most environments. In addition, both sides of the conveyor belt fold up when not in use for maximum storage.

Easy Cleaning

Easy to remove polyethylene scrapers and conveyor belt made of synthetic material for easy cleaning.


Rolling pins with mounted supports are standard.


This bench pastry sheeter is reversible, enabling the operator to process dough in both direction saving both time and operator strain.

Easy Operation

Quick and easy one person setup, with ergonomic handles reduce operator strain.

Safety Guards

Safety guard surrounds the area where dough is processed for added safety.

Stainless Steel Construction

Ensure both hygiene and durability

Energy Saving

Electrical Specifications


Production Rate

6 - 23.62 inches/second

Exit belt speed

Product Specifications

The product specifications for the Tekno Stamap LAM Floor Model Pastry Sheeter are as follows:

LAM 614

Manual Floor Model Pastry Sheeter

Working Dimensions

L x W: 42.28 x 136.22 in.

Stored Dimensions

L x W: 42.28 x 49.21 in.


335 lbs.

Conveyor Belt Dimensions

L X W: 55.12 x 23.62 in.

Cylinders Diameter

3.31 in.

LAM 6514 CA

Manual Floor Model Pastry Sheeter with Cutting Station

Working Table Dimensions

L x W: 55.12 x 55.12 in.

Overall Dimensions

L x W: 130.59 x 43.62 in.


640 lbs.

Conveyor Belt Width

W: 25.59 in.


DiameterP: 3.31 in.
Aperture: 0 – 2.16 in.

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